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Founded in 1948 by Elmina Fortin and Stanislas Labbé, la Laiterie Charlevoix is still owned by the Labbé family. Stanislas and Elmina's great grandchildren are the fourth generation to work in the company. Dedicated originally to distributing dairy products in Charlevoix and the North Shore, the company adapted well over the years and turned to producing fine cheeses and cheddar. La Laiterie Charlevoix products are distributed throughout Canada.

Recently, the company took a major environmental turn by converting its whey into energy and established partnerships with young farmers to preserve the existence of dairy farms in Charlevoix.

It also involved itself in the project of rescuing the Canadienne breed of Cow by helping out three agricultural producers and by financially supporting " L'Association de mise en valeur des bovins de race Canadiennedans Charlevoix ".

Finally there is more than a cheese dairy to be found on this site. It's an ECONOMUSEUM®, a rest stop, museum, an interpretation centre as well as a boutique where regional products are displayed.


















Our Cheeses

 L'Origine de Charlevoix
 Le 1608
ercule de Charlev oix
 Le Fleurmier
 Vieux Charlevoix
 Cheddar Charlevoix
 Fondue Charlevoix
 Fondue Parmesan

 Jersey Cow
 Canadienne Cow

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