Charles Simard House

On the way from Québec City to the North Shore on Route 138, Charles-Simard House is a quality rest stop open year round where you can have a snack and relax a few moments in a clean and safe location. Charles-Simard House is a century-old house, restored and equipped to receive groups. The installations are particularly adapted to receive groups in busses.

During summer, we have a bistro where we serve ''l'Armoire à glace'' homemade ice cream as well as cheese plates, refreshments and other prepared products.

During other seasons, the house is used to receive groups.

Sanitary installations are available all year long 24 hours a day.


















Our Cheeses

 L'Origine de Charlevoix
 Le 1608
ercule de Charlev oix
 Le Fleurmier
 Vieux Charlevoix
 Cheddar Charlevoix
 Fondue Charlevoix
 Fondue Parmesan

 Jersey Cow
 Canadienne Cow

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